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major employers in sugar land texas

Major Employers in Sugar Land, TX

Situated in the southeast corner of Houston, the city of Sugar Land is a prime location for a variety of industries and business leaders in their respective fields. As a major manufacturing, healthcare, and energy hub of the United States, the Houston area is famous for its bustling industry, with major players like Google now opening offices in the city. The host of major employers that call Sugar Land home all benefit from this pedigree, and you can too. We’ll dive into some of Sugar Land’s largest employers and the industries they serve, which will help you decide if this rapidly growing Texas town is right for you and your business. Healthcare and Biotech Based on the city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report from 2019, four of the ten largest employers in Sugar Land come from the healthcare and biotechnology fields. Methodist Sugar Land Hospital and Memorial Hermann Sugar Land, the ...
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Things to Do in Orange, TX

When exploring things to do in Orange, TX, you might be surprised to find there are many different types of attractions in this small town. Orange, TX attractions cover a diverse range of entertainment, from the arts to nature to drinking and dining and more. History and Arts Here are some of the historic and artistic attractions Orange, Texas, has to offer. W.H. Stark House The W.H. Stark House is a preserved Victorian home from the 1870s. Because its residents, William Henry and Miriam Lutcher Stark, were avid art collectors, it’s full of interesting and unique art items such as fancy rugs and decorative china. With its 15 lavishly adorned rooms, the W.H. Stark House is both historically and artistically educational. Lutcher Theater for the Performing Arts While the Lutcher Theater is usually renowned for its excellence in indoor theater performances, it’s currently doing things differently to accommodate for COVID-19. ...
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The Best Places to Visit in Baton Rouge, LA

Finding ways to have fun should be on your to-do list whenever and wherever you relocate for your job. If you move into corporate housing in Baton Rouge, in particular, you will not be disappointed. It’s a city rich in culture, history, and activity. To help you make the most of your time in the Red Stick, here’s a list of five fun things to do in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 1. Meet Mike the Tiger at LSU For families and fans of Louisiana State University, this attraction is a can’t-miss experience. At a small-scale zoo on campus, you’ll find Mike, the official mascot of LSU: a very large, beautiful, live Bengal tiger. Both kids and adults alike can learn tiger trivia from educational resources. If you don’t want to meet Mike in person, you can always see him on the campus’ live webcam. 2. Tour the Magnolia Mound Plantation Get ...
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Businesses Using Corporate Housing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the pandemic hit, everything changed—even the way we do business. It is no different for the corporate housing industry during the COVID era, but at the same time, several businesses still rely on affordable short-term housing for relocating employees. Industries Using Corporate Housing During the COVID-19 Era Most of the businesses that still need corporate housing during the COVID-19 pandemic are in these industries: CorporateHealthcareMilitary and governmentOil and gas Others include pest control, disaster recovery, real estate, construction, and staffing agencies. Oil and Gas Much of Premier Corporate Housing’s business comes from the oil and gas industry, which is known for its global mobility. Employment in the industry is also rising—according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 158,000 employees worked in the oil and gas extraction subsector in October, up from 155,000 in July. Corporate housing is needed now more than ever. Corporate Executives, consultants, and HR ...
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The Best Parks in Houston, TX

When staying in an unfamiliar city for a great length of time in the COVID era, getting to know your surroundings can be particularly challenging. Premier Corporate Housing’s short-term rentals make it easier than ever to create a comfortable home away from home for the duration of your stay, but to really get a pulse for the local culture and dive into living like the locals do, look no further than your city’s parks! Parks present an affordable, COVID-friendly way to entertain yourself and get immersed in your temporary surroundings. Especially in 2020, when most outings require advanced planning, there’s nothing quite as simple and relaxing as an impromptu trip to the park, where you can just kick back, relax and watch the passersby. Did we mention cocktail trucks? Read on below, where we’ve put together a list of the best parks in Houston, TX for your next extended stay ...
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Woman cleaning glass door of oven

How to Clean a Corporate Apartment More Efficiently

Finding time to clean is tough for anyone, especially when you’re living or working out of a temporary residence. Whether you’re a parent, an executive, a medical professional, or any kind of traveling employee trying to maintain a short-term rental, it’s easy to skip a good cleaning when you’re tied up with other things. If you don’t find a way to make your apartment presentable, you will quickly grow tired of the dirty floors, spotty bathroom mirror, and accumulation of dirty dishes in the sink. You may constantly wonder how to clean an apartment when life is so chaotic. We have a solution to your problem. Follow these tips for cleaning an apartment quickly and you’ll have your rental in great condition in no time flat. 1. Be Prepared Preventative measures will go a long way toward reducing your tidying time. No need to clean something if it’s already clean, ...
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