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Businesses Using Corporate Housing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the pandemic hit, everything changed—even the way we do business. It is no different for the corporate housing industry during the COVID era, but at the same time, several businesses still rely on affordable short-term housing for relocating employees.

Industries Using Corporate Housing During the COVID-19 Era

Most of the businesses that still need corporate housing during the COVID-19 pandemic are in these industries:

  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Military and government
  • Oil and gas

Others include pest control, disaster recovery, real estate, construction, and staffing agencies.

Oil and Gas

Much of Premier Corporate Housing’s business comes from the oil and gas industry, which is known for its global mobility. Employment in the industry is also rising—according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 158,000 employees worked in the oil and gas extraction subsector in October, up from 155,000 in July. Corporate housing is needed now more than ever.


Executives, consultants, and HR professionals are just a few examples of the beneficiaries taking advantage of the corporate housing industry during COVID-19. Businesses are increasingly returning to travel as the pandemic continues, so the need for temporary lodging is returning to normal levels. This is our specialty—the time it takes to secure your housing with us is quick.


Corporate housing is a common choice for hospitals and other healthcare facilities that send traveling nurses and doctors to places in need. We can help medical professionals find an apartment close to the hospital they will be working with, making the healthcare industry one of the top businesses that still need corporate housing during COVID.

Military and Government

The brave men and women that serve our country often travel for work or deployment. They deserve no less than the best service in return. Premier Corporate Housing has years of experience with housing military and government personnel.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Corporate Housing

Covid’s effect on corporate housing is manifold. The primary concern for most travelers is their safety. Thus, the main focus of corporate housing will be convincing travelers that their short-term housing options are virus-free. Large corporations find this easier than smaller ones, as bigger brands are more recognizable and therefore more likely to be trusted. This puts pressure on small corporations to rise to the new standard.

Is Corporate Housing Safer than Hotels?

Interestingly, corporate housing is a much safer option than hotels for travelers. Since the industry caters specifically to a certain type of traveler, it receives less traffic than the average hotel, where most people stay for only a few days. Access to rooms and entryways is more controlled, and parking is convenient to most locations, so there is less risk of exposure. As an added bonus, corporate housing tends to cost less than hotel stays. Since companies are sending people for longer, less frequent stays, corporate housing is the perfect choice.

How Corporate Housing Is Adapting to COVID-19

The industry as a whole had much to prepare for at the onset of the pandemic. Companies have been adapting to new coronavirus-era expectations: PPE for staff, deep cleaning after each resident checks out, and routine inspections ensure quality and safety for guests. Other precautions for guests include masks, hand sanitizer, and keyless entry.

Why Choose Premier Corporate Housing?

If you are a business traveler, you shouldn’t have to worry about safe housing, even during a pandemic. With over 45 years of experience helping travelers find temporary, pet-friendly, fully furnished homes—all at 10-30% lower cost than competitors—Premier Corporate Housing can do all the heavy lifting for you. Get a free quote from PCH to find your ideal apartment or house. “One Call Does it All”—let us know how we can help.