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Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments in Tulsa, OK


Are you in Tulsa, OK for an extended stay? Lots of travelers come to Tulsa for relocation, temporary business, or need to find corporate housing in Tulsa while buying or selling a home. If you’ll be in Tulsa for a while, be sure to check out the comfortable, spacious short-term housing and apartments in Tulsa available from Premier Corporate Housing. Our corporate apartments and housing in Tulsa are affordable, easy to access, and luxurious, just like your home.

How Do I Get Started?

Take the first step with Premier Corporate Housing by selecting an area of the city that will make your extended stay in Tulsa, OK comfortable and convenient. Using our online database, you can search our massive selection of open apartments in Tulsa, OK and pick out the one that will maximize your productivity and contentment. If you discover that you just can’t find the right place, talk to a corporate housing expert about additional housing options.


Don’t know where the best place to stay is? You can get a better idea of where you might find the ideal furnished apartments and temporary housing in Tulsa, OK by learning about the city and its culture.

Tulsa’s Success from Oil to Technology

Tulsa is an unusually populous city, especially considering that it experienced severe economic downturn because of its historic dependence on oil. However, efforts to expand into technology helped the city maintain and eventually grow out of its difficulties.

Business Headquarters and Major Offices

Today, Tulsa stays true to its roots as a city abundant with energy: It now headquarters many international oil and gas companies. However, it has also diversified its economic portfolio to include the finance, aviation, telecommunications, and technology industries. Major employers include:

  • ONE Gas
  • Syntroleum
  • WPX Energy
  • BOK Financial Corporation
  • Stephens Media Group

The aerospace industry is already well-rooted, and it continues to grow. Within the city, you can find an American Airlines maintenance base, a division of Lufthansa, Omni Air International headquarters, and the Spartan School of Aeronautics. Technology continues to swell, especially in the media industry, which includes PennWell, and Blooming Twig Books.

Tulsa Culture

Settle in to your furnished apartment for your extended stay in Tulsa, OK, then stretch your legs and check out the local scene. Tulsa quarters some of the state’s most bountiful culture in its public and performing arts as well as its ties to its history. Be sure to see some of the area’s biggest attractions, such as:

  • Tulsa Ballet
  • Tulsa Symphony Orchestra
  • Riverside Studio
  • Woodward Park
  • Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa cuisine is also unique. Once-prolific Lebanese Steakhouses are now primarily centralized in Tulsa. The variety of wood available for fire has led to a variety of barbecue flavors that are Tulsa-exclusives. As one of the southernmost states in the US, there are also countless restaurants that proudly serve southern homestyle comfort food.

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Tell us about your needs for housing and we'll help you begin the process of selecting your furnished corporate apartments in Tulsa, OK. We'll discuss the length of your extended stay in Tulsa, OK and what kinds of options we have available to help you customize your experience. It's quick and easy – contact us now!