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Disasters and home damages can be devastating for families and we aim to streamline the process of finding temporary housing for those affected. We have assisted corporation relocate their employees and have assisted families that have suffered displacement. Displacements can happen as a result of disasters like fires, floods, oil spills and more. We can provide the housing solution for you with just one phone call. Let us secure your housing; we assure you we will exceed your expectations.

Premier is quick to act when called upon to locate 1 to 100 units in an area requiring special attention. For Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ike, we were there. Within 48 to 72 hours we furnished over 200 (1, 2 and 3 bedroom) corporate apartments. Our clients have ranged from individuals displaced as a result of hurricanes to Shell Oil and UBS relocating their team members to Houston and surrounding areas. We are proud that our services help keep families safe until their homes can be rebuilt. Concerned about their employees’ nearby environments as a result of the disastrous Deep Water Horizon and BP oil spill, we have assisted companies like Schlumberger and Halliburton relocate their employees into cities where they can work. We have furnished units from Galveston, TX to Biloxi, MS for the US Coast Guard and other organizations assisting with the oil cleanup. We were able to place them in our corporate apartments along the Gulf Coast. Offering them accommodations at half the cost of hotels.

Premier Corporate Housing Temporary Housing Features

  • Very short turnaround time for securing your new home
  • Experience in major displacement relocations
  • 42+ years experience in the temporary housing industry
  • Housing options available throughout the United States
  • Cost effective options
  • All arrangements made – “One Call Does it All”
  • Short or long term housing options
  • Pet friendly housing available
  • Significant cost savings vs. hotel costs
  • Fully Furnished Homes
  • 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Floor Plans

Premier Corporate Housing is the best choice for your disaster recovery or displacement housing needs. We are dedicated to providing you the best temporary housing based on your specifications and provide a very quick turnaround for all our clients especially those in emergency relocation situations. Contact us today to get started finding a property that fits your needs in your target area.

Special pricing available for preferred employers, government contracts and volume discounts for group relocations.

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