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Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments in Baytown, TX

Are you planning an extended stay in Baytown, Texas? Whether your trip is for business, vacation, or scoping out the city for a possible relocation, you’ll need to learn about the area and where to find housing. In Baytown, TX, apartment rentals with short-term leases are numerous, but you may not know where to look. Premier Corporate Housing offers the best corporate housing options in Baytown, TX. We can help you find what you need without any hassle.


How Do I Get Started?

Before contacting us, think about priorities like location, amenities, walkability, and accessibility to work, schools, or hospitals. Do you have pets? A car? Will you need furniture? Whatever type of housing you require, PCH will track down furnished corporate apartments for rent in Baytown, Texas, that fit the bill.

When you’re ready, contact us. Let us know your needs regarding your length of stay, preferred location, special accommodations, and budget. With that information, our experts will do a search and make a list of potential apartments for you to consider.


About Baytown

Next, learn about the wonderful city you’ll be staying in. We put together this short guide to serve as an introduction:


Location and Climate

Located 30 minutes east of Houston, right on Galveston Bay, Baytown is a moderately sized city with mild winters and hot summers, much like the rest of eastern Texas. Due to its proximity to the gulf, its climate tends to be more pleasant than Houston’s.



Baytown has a lower cost of living than the national average. Its economy is driven by a few key industries. They are:

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Chemical processing
  • Healthcare

Major employers include GE, Ikea, Lee College, and Chevron Phillips.


Fun Places to Visit in Baytown

The diverse range of sights and activities Baytown has to offer includes:


Baytown Nature Center

Venture to this nature park and wildlife preserve for guided hikes, field trips, and activities for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. This is not only a great educational center but also a restful place to get away from urban areas.


Houston Raceway

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Watch a legal street race at the Houston Raceway, where the excitement never ends. The park hosts numerous races throughout the year.


Texas Avenue

In Baytown, this street is the place to be. Everything is there: the town square, a trail of art murals, and some of the best restaurants in the city. If you’re looking for Baytown’s main attractions, Texas Avenue will bring them to you in one neat package.


Umbrella Alley

This little nook on Texas Avenue is shaded by a multicolored, 120-umbrella canopy made by Lee College art students. It displays beautiful murals that you must see—and, if you’re fortunate, you may find a geocaching code hidden within them.


Town Square

As mentioned above, this area of the city is where all the activity happens. You can skate in the ice rink in winter, explore farmers’ markets during harvest season, or attend festivals year-round.


Sabor of Mexico

There is so much flavor on Texas Avenue. This particular restaurant is known for its irresistible homemade Mexican ice cream and popsicles, but they offer other food as well, including vegan options. The customer service is as exceptional as the menu.


Find Corporate Housing in Baytown, TX Today

With so many fun activities to enjoy, seeing a new city is a thrilling experience, but relocating can be a challenge when the area is unfamiliar. Let PCH be your guide on this journey. Identify your needs and fill out our form to explore corporate housing options in Baytown, TX.