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Traveling can be hard, why not lighten your load by renting one of our fully furnished apartments in Port Arthur? Our corporate housing options in Port Arthur are cheaper than staying in a hotel and provide many benefits a hotel room simply cannot: kitchen, laundry room, full sized bathroom, even pets are allowed!

For business or your family, our furnished apartments in Port Arthur make for an easy solution!

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More about Port Arthur:

Located on the southeastern tip of Texas, Port Arthur offers lots of outdoorsy treats to anyone interested in the flora and fauna of the Gulf Coast. This city by the shore is a great destination for beach road trips year round. Just north of the Gulf Coast, Port Arthur sits on the shores of beautiful Sabine Lake. If you enter the city driving south on 87, you’ll get to enjoy the view from the top of the Rainbow Bridge, a steep bridge that offers a beautiful view of the watery expanse that defines Port Arthur.

At the Museum of the Gulf Coast, you’ll find information about the cultural significance of Port Arthur along with the natural history of the strip of gulf coast between Houston and New Orleans. Did you know Port Arthur is Janis Joplin’s birthplace? Find out what else the Gulf Coast has contributed to music and sports history, and learn about the natural history of the area in this delightful, educational whirlwind of a museum.

In the nearby Sabine lake, take advantage of the bountiful fishing opportunities. You can book a charter, or visit one of the fishing beaches at nearby Sea Rim State Park. The waters of the Sabine are home to both fresh and saltwater fish. Pack your strongest rod – the waters of southeast Texas have an abundance of gigantic, bull redfish, fish known for putting up epic, 30-minute struggles. Or visit the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge to reel in a few trout.

If you’re more into wings than fins, Sea Rim State Park is also host to many different species of bird, including the rare Cave Swallow. At the Sabine Woods bird sanctuary, you can check out the many different varieties of heron that nest in the area.

At the end of a long day in the sun before you return to your Port Arthur corporate housing, stop by the bustling Bruce’s Seafood Deli for to sample local seafood. Inspired by local Cajun influences, most of the cuisine here features a spicy kick. The Boudain Hut, a popular local dive bar, hosts live music 5 nights per week. While you listen to music, snack on some Cajun bar food, featuring local favorites like shrimp baskets and Boudain balls.

Hot out? Feel the breeze in your hair aboard an airboat tour of the cypress swamps. If you really want to get away from the sun (and try something a little spooky), local Airboat Rides also offers tours at night.

Port Arthur offers a wide variety of outdoorsy adventure, flavored with local Cajun charm. So dive into the local scene with both feet! The water’s fine.

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