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Yukon, OK

Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments in Yukon, OK


So, you’re looking to book an extended stay in Yukon, OK. There are many travelers just like you who come to Yukon to relocate, take care of some temporary business, or need a place to stay while they buy or sell a house. Since you’ll be in Yukon for a while, take a look at our roomy, comfortable furnished apartments in the Yukon, OK area available exclusively through Premier Corporate Housing.

How Do I Get Started?

Start off your apartment search in Yukon with the Premier Corporate Housing searchable database. Browse our breathtaking selection of open apartments in Yukon, OK to find the right place to maximize your productivity and contentment. If there’s too much to choose from, feel free to talk to a corporate housing expert about additional housing options.


Not sure where the best place to stay is? You can get a better idea of where you might find the ideal furnished apartments in Yukon, OK by learning about the city and its culture.

Farm and Milling Roots in Yukon

Yukon is a relatively small community of about 23,000 people. It serves primarily as a residential city in which the workers of Oklahoma City can find homes and apartments.

Business Headquarters and Major Offices

The economy of Yukon is slow-moving, but it also does not suffer from downturn. Community necessities such as general and home goods stores help keep the populace that doesn’t commute to Oklahoma City well employed. Major employers include:

  • Yukon Public School System
  • Walmart Super Center
  • INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital
  • Canadian Valley Technology Center
  • Target

The City of Yukon also keeps many of its local citizens employed with city beautification projects and public safety initiatives. Though Yukon is generally a sleepy town, it still has its fair share of commerce.

Yukon Culture

The citizens of Yukon are keen to stay true to their Czech heritage, a goal toward which they have made impressive strides. Their Czech hall preserves the customs and heritage of the Czech culture. Be sure to see some of the area’s biggest attractions, such as:

  • Express Clydesdales
  • City Hall
  • Farfalla
  • Yukon Czech Hall
  • Yukon Czech Festival

There is also a culture of archery in the area related to its affinity for equine sports. The citizens of Yukon hold a love for nature and history in their hearts, evident in the resources they have dedicated to beautification and preservation of the local area and culture.

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