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Why Choose a Short-Term Apartment Over a Hotel or Vacation Rental

Relocating a group of employees on short notice can be stressful when you need to find housing in a specific area at an affordable cost. While a hotel, homestay, or vacation rental might seem like obvious choices for a short-term stay, they tend to be more expensive, offer fewer accommodations, and feel less like home than an apartment. This guide illustrates the benefits of choosing an apartment over an extended stay hotel when your business needs temporary corporate housing.

Benefits of Short-Term Corporate Apartments 

Unlike a hotel or vacation rental, short-term corporate housing includes accommodations that mirror the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a large, private space where you can cook your own meals, sleep in your own bed, and have guests over. You and your employees can take advantage of amenities a hotel would have, like a fitness center, pool and hot tub, and lounge areas, with other convenient features most hotels don’t offer: in-house laundry, kitchens, multiple rooms, fireplaces, designated parking, and more.

Relocating or traveling for business often warrants specific accommodations not found in most hotels or vacation rentals. Premier Corporate Housing’s properties offer convenient features for business travelers, like conference rooms, business centers, printing stations, coffee lounges, and more, so your employees can get their work done quickly and effectively. Corporate housing units can come fully furnished, like hotels, but residents may also lease furniture of their choice or bring their own.

Live Near Work

Finding a housing solution near the office or job site is a priority for most employers and business travelers. Renting a corporate apartment instead of a hotel gives you a wider selection of locations. With multiple apartment communities for your employees to choose from, they can easily find housing near the job site, company headquarters, or other key areas.

Corporate apartment complexes are also more flexible than hotels and vacation rentals regarding the length of stay, meaning you can find housing for an individual or a group for several months—even more than a year—at a competitive price.

Cost Comparison

In most cases, renting a short-term apartment costs about half as much as staying at a hotel, and while vacation rentals or homestays may cost slightly less than corporate housing on average, they don’t come with the amenities or customer service that make short-term rentals more valuable overall. Corporate apartments are ideal because of the extensive range of business-focused accommodations and services they provide at an affordable price.

We know relocating to an unfamiliar city requires lots of planning, so we take the stress out of coordinating your or your employees’ transition. Your corporate housing associate handles all aspects of your move, from solidifying the lease to providing kitchenware and linens. Don’t worry about setting up your utilities—we’ll make sure your Wi-Fi, cable, water, gas, electric, and phone services are all set up before your arrival. Most short-term rental services also allow you to pay for all of your housing and utility expenses together in one bill.

Short-Term Apartments with Premier Corporate Housing

Premier Corporate Housing offers comprehensive corporate housing solutions. We strive to make your move as quick and stress-free as possible, so one call does it all. Let us know your budget, ideal location, and accommodation preferences and we’ll present you with three apartment communities that meet your criteria. With over 45 years of experience in providing short-term housing solutions, we are confident we can help your company find a corporate rental quickly. Contact our accommodations specialists today to begin planning.