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Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments in Louisiana


Magnolia Place Apartments

Are you relocating or have temporary business that requires you to book an extended stay in Louisiana? If so, Premier Corporate Housing has temporary housing in Louisiana available for those who need a full living space for a short-term stay. Our Louisiana corporate housing and furnished apartments are complete with the spaces and furnishings necessary for an extended stay in Louisiana that will make you feel right at home.

How Do I Get Started?

Pick out an area of Louisiana in which you would like to stay. Enter it into our database and we’ll provide a list for you of the apartments and temporary housing in Louisiana we currently have open for our guests. If you still have trouble finding the right place, talk to a corporate housing expert about additional housing options.

Can’t decide where in the state to stay? You can get a better idea of the best area for an extended stay in Louisiana by learning about the state and its culture.

Bayside Business in Louisiana

On the Mississippi River lies the Port of South Louisiana, and it boasts records as the largest shipping port in volume in the entire Western Hemisphere and fourth largest in the world. It’s also the largest bulk cargo port in the world, which lends itself to prolific business.

Business Headquarters and Major Offices

Louisiana is an area rich in natural resources, especially petroleum and natural gas. Profits from its hold as an astounding 5% of America’s oil supply allow the state to grow in unique, niche industries such as film and art. Some of the prestigious businesses in the state include:

  • McIlhenny Corporation
  • Landry’s Seafood
  • Pelican Publishing Company
  • Communications Corporation of America
  • The O’Brien’s Group

Louisiana is a state also prized for its abundant and fresh seafood. The state produces the largest volume of crawfish in the world. It also exports staple crops such as rice, dairy, eggs, poultry, cattle, soybeans, and cotton. The agricultural and resource harvesting opportunities provide abundant jobs for the area, which also has allowed its film and art industries to expand significantly.

Louisiana Culture

If you're in furnished apartments or temporary housing in Louisiana, then you’ll be nearby cities and towns teeming with vibrant history. Just outside your door, you’ll find activities for both those who love a lively party and those who prefer a quiet night out. Try some of these attractions:

  • Louis Cathedral
  • Royal Street
  • Swamp & Bayou Tours
  • LSU Tiger Stadium
  • Lake Martin

Discover unforgettable seafood all over the state – there are so many restaurants and world-class chefs that are trained and experienced in the preparation of Creole and Cajun seafood that you probably won’t even have time to try them all. Explore the state of Louisiana during your extended stay!

Talk to Premiere Corporate Housing to Get Started Today!

Tell us about your needs for housing and we'll help you begin the process of selecting your furnished corporate apartments in Louisiana. We'll discuss the length of your stay, why your temporary corporate housing in Louisiana is necessary, and what kinds of options we have available to help you customize your experience. It's quick and easy – contact us now!