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Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments in Dallas, TX

Your next great destination – Dallas, TX. Travelers just like you come to Dallas to relocate, work remotely, or find a place to stay while they buy or sell a house. You’ll probably be in Dallas for a while, so take a look at our roomy, comfortable furnished apartments in the Dallas, TX area, available only through Premier Corporate Housing.

How Do I Get Started?

Start with our searchable database; it lets you browse our massive selection of open corporate apartments in Dallas, TX to find a place that will maximize your productivity and satisfaction.

Can’t decide? Feel free to talk to a corporate housing expert about additional housing options.

Also, take some time to learn about the city and culture of Dallas for a better understanding of where you might like to stay.

From Dallas Oil to Commerce Hub

The Dallas Fort-Worth metro complex includes the densely populated city of Dallas, TX. Because it was positioned along major railroad lines, it became a focal point for the oil and cotton industries soon after its birth. As a center for in-demand industries, it erupted in population and quickly grew into a modern metropolis.

Business Headquarters and Major Offices

Dallas’s economy exploded thanks to a vigorous real estate market in the 1980s. While the city still relies on oil for a large portion of its economic success, its growth has allowed the economy to diversify enough that major shifts in oil supply and demand leave the city relatively unaffected. Major business offices include:

  • ExxonMobil
  • Fluor Engineering
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Comerica Bank
  • Neiman Marcus

17 U.S. billionaires live in Dallas as of 2011, and the city is the third most popular business travel destination in the U.S. The temporary housing needs of Dallas now reach significantly beyond that of many U.S. cities.

Dallas Culture

A diversified economy makes for an even more diversified culture. Downtown features a booming arts district as well as a natural history and science museum, and performing arts are treasured among Dallas citizens. Be sure to see some of the area’s biggest attractions, such as:

  • Dallas Center for Performing Arts
  • American Museum of Miniature Arts
  • Deep Ellum
  • Fair Park
  • Pioneer Plaza

Dallas hosts the State Fair of Texas, widely renowned as a representative United States fair and held annually since 1886. Sports fans flock to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl while the party animals enjoy large-scale festivals such as Cinco de Mayo as part of Dallas’s many tributes to its Mexican heritage.

Talk to Premiere Corporate Housing to Get Started Today!

Tell us about your needs for corporate housing in Dallas and we’ll help you begin the process of selection. We’ll discuss the length of your stay as well as corporate apartments and housing in Dallas and what kinds of options we have available to help you customize your experience. It’s quick and easy – contact us now!