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El Reno, OK

Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments in El Reno, OK

You might be gearing up for an extended stay in El Reno, OK soon and need a place to stay. If so, trust Premier Corporate Housing’s El Reno specialists to find the perfect El Reno-based apartments for rent that will fit your budget and suit the needs of your short-term travel.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step in booking your El Reno, OK furnished apartments is to find the perfect location within the city. Look for a place that minimizes your commute and allows you to access the most important parts of the city without having to combat traffic or traverse miles and miles of road.

Once you have a spot in mind, let us know and we’ll assemble a list of El Reno’s available corporate apartments and housing for you to browse. Consider what options you might want to customize, such as the size of your kitchen or the available bathrooms.

If you find that there are no places that suit you, feel free to contact us and we can assist you in finding the ideal furnished apartments in El Reno for you.

Getting to know the local area is a vital step in finding out where you want to experience an extended stay in El Reno. Make the right decision by taking some time to learn about the city!

Everything You Want in a Small Town

This tiny town of no more than 17,000 rests in the very center of the state of Oklahoma.

Classic Main Street Nostalgia

El Reno is one of many United States towns that still centers around Main Street. The Oklahoma Main Street Program helped revitalize the downtown area of El Reno, which led to the acquisition of the Great American Main Street Award in 2006. It is also home to the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, which is no longer in operation but has left behind old depots and other buildings that remain vacant. They help create some of the charm of the small town that draws visitors to the plains.

Small-Town Fame

Like many small towns, El Reno draws corporate housing and apartment-seeking visitors to experience some of the most special restaurants and events in the nation. El Reno hosts an annual Fried Onion Burger Day Festival on the first Saturday in May. They cook the world’s largest fried onion hamburger that includes the traditional fried onion burger ingredients: meat, fried onions, sliced pickles, and mustard. The burger weighs over 850 pounds, but still can’t overshadow the fame of Sid’s Diner, which has been featured on Top 5 Restaurants, a series that appears on Food Network. Adam Richman of Food Network fame has also visited the diner for his Travel Channel series Man Vs. Food.

Oklahoma Culture

There are a few experiences in El Reno that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Step outside your El Reno corporate apartments or housing and enjoy:

  • Lucky Star Casino
  • Heritage Express Trolley
  • Fort Reno
  • Canadian County Historical Museum
  • Lake El Reno

The tiny town is also home to some challenging golf courses and plenty of nature-rich parks. There’s as much to do outside as there is inside, and even in the quiet of the town you’ll find that history and nostalgia are bustling. The town is alive with culture, but it doesn’t find the need to boast about it.

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Talk to Premier Corporate Housing in El Reno to Get Started Today!

Send us some information about where you want to stay and what kind of apartments you’re seeking in El Reno, OK, then talk to us about the length of your extended stay in El Reno and why you need furnished apartments or housing. We’ll present to you a selection of places we have available once we’ve considered all of your needs. It’s fast and easy – get in touch with us today!