San Antonio Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

As a leading provider of furnished apartments in San Antonio (and many other locations) for over 36 years, you can trust Premier Corporate Housing to find the perfect corporate housing in San Antonio – at a competitive price.

Furnished apartments are preferred over hotels for long stays thanks to cost-savings and all their added amenities. Free parking, health centers, multiple rooms, and a fully equipped kitchen are among the advantages to choosing corporate housing. On top of all that, the hotel/motel tax, which can run from 14% to 16% or more can be avoided by staying in an apartment. Our housing is also safe, often located in gated communities, and offers the increased privacy of a home over a room adjoining many others.

On your next extended stay choose corporate housing to maximize your productivity and enjoyment of the area. Select from a number of San Antonio neighborhoods and feel comfortable hosting friends, family, and colleagues in your new temporary home. Our apartments come furnished for your convenience and comfort.

Searching for your San Antonio corporate housing / furnished apartment is fast and easy with Premier Corporate Housing. Search online or call us today at 1-866-441-7710.