Houston Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

If you need more than a hotel room to fully accommodate your stay in Houston, then our corporate housing options or furnished apartment options in Houston are perfect! With Premier Corporate Housing, you can enjoy a fully functional living space at a great cost with no hassle. All our corporate apartments in Houston are fully furnished, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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If you’re a business traveler and want all the comforts of being home, our corporate housing options will definitely suit your needs. We offer fully customizable packages for many of our corporate apartments in Houston.

Want to know more about our great deals and available corporate housing listings in Houston? Just select the metro area you’re looking for Houston corporate housing in and our current available listings will be generated! Still can’t find what you’re look for or have additional questions about our corporate housing options in Houston? Feel free to Contact Us at any time!

Learn about Houston’s great neighborhoods and corporate housing options below!

The Houston Energy Corridor Corporate Housing

More about Houston:

Houston is a very busy and vibrant city, the 4th largest in the United States. Our Houston corporate apartments will be you close to wherever you want to be. We have furnished apartments all over Houston, all of which are equipped with amenities that will make your stay more pleasant and less stressful. All apartments include cable, high speed internet, a TV and DVD player, as well as furniture. The communities our units are located in offer a variety of extra services as well, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, business centers, playgrounds, gated access, and even spa and sauna services, depending on the location. Call us if you have any questions about which of our Houston corporate apartments offer what service where, and we will line up the one that most matches your needs.

Corporate housing in Houston is a great option for travelers, especially as we have so much of it available. Forget getting stuck in a hotel by the airport – we can put you close to work, close to downtown’s great attractions and restaurants, wherever you need to be. Corporate housing Houston style means you’ll feel at home and be able to focus on the task at hand, whatever it may be. You’ll be free to entertain, establish a home office, host family, etc. Taking care of yourself is important, especially when you’re far from home, and a furnished apartment provides a positive environment for on the road living. Not only that, but in many cases it is more cost-effective than a hotel! Think about Houston corporate housing for your next trip to town.

For the many families Premier Corporate Housing has served over the past 40 years, our Houston corporate housing has been a godsend. It allows you to feel at home and comfortable, even when you’re on the road for an assignment, as is often the case for traveling nurses, interns, workers in the oil and gas industries, and government employees. Maximize the value of your housing stipend by choosing the corporate housing route. Comfortable furniture, separate living spaces, and a full kitchen will help you feel in your element. The full kitchen removes the necessity of dining out, which can be a huge money saver for employees and families.

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