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Tips for Spending the Holidays Away from Home

Has work or another commitment called you away from home just in time for the holiday season? Being away from the comforts of home this time of year doesn’t have to be a bad thing. After all, you’re getting to explore a new place and to see how locals celebrate from the comfort of our corporate housing, in exciting places like Houston, Beaumont, Dallas, or Austin. Here are a few tips for making the most of relocating for the holidays.

tips for enjoying the holidays in corporate housing

Have a plan in advance.

You may have some time off from work around the holidays, but don’t just use your leisure time to dwell on what you miss about home. Instead, come up with a concrete plan for what you’ll be doing with your time off. If you have family visiting, you can play tour guide and show them some of your favorite things about your new stomping grounds. If you’re on your own, maybe you could plan a weekend trip, sign up to volunteer with your favorite charity, or get together with local friends.

Make your favorite holiday dish.

For many people, food is closely linked to holiday memories. If you have a favorite seasonal dish, make it and share it with new friends and neighbors. Perhaps you could even host a potluck a few days before Christmas and have everyone bring their favorite food; that way, you’ll be able to sample some regional holiday dishes that you might not have gotten to try otherwise.

Bring the comforts of home to you.

It probably doesn’t make sense to have everything from home shipped to you just so you can recreate your usual holiday experience, but it’s not unreasonable to have a few of your favorite seasonal items shipped to you. For example, if your kids have stockings that they’ve decorated themselves, have those sent so that you and your family can display them in your new location. If you have a few favorite Christmas ornaments (that aren’t too fragile), you could have those sent as well. Recognize that your holidays won’t be exactly like they are back home, but you can still add a few familiar, meaningful touches.

Be flexible.

While it’s nice to bring some traditions with you, it’s also important to be open to celebrating the holidays a little differently this year. Take this opportunity to learn about and participate in some of the local holiday traditions. Talk to your friends and neighbors to learn what they always do—maybe there’s a nearby street that always has a spectacular light display, or maybe New Year’s is a time to go to the beach. Make your holidays memorable by getting out of your comfort zone and trying at least one thing that you wouldn’t normally do.