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Need Storage Space? Forget The Hotel

Hotel closets offer less room vs apartment closetsHaving a home base means occupying a place capable of keeping all of the things that matter most to you. Even when you’re staying at a home away from home, there is something to be said about having enough space to bring along some of your favorite things.  When comparing a hotel vs apartment for your extended stay, corporate apartments offers the added benefit of space that allows for you to look, feel, and act your very best.

Finally! A Place to Put Your Wardrobe

One of the biggest complaints about hotel living is the lack of space when it comes wardrobe. When staying anywhere for an extended amount of time, it is nice to have a variety of options in terms of clothing. Having a place to put these items is what dictates whether or not residents can bring along everything they wish to have. A short bar in an alcove that comes with three hangers is not sufficient for extended stays. Corporate housing offers the benefit of dressers and rooms equipped with decent closets to accommodate.

Bathroom Storage

Besides space for clothing, most people appreciate a decent area to get ready in the morning. Most hotel bathrooms provide little to no space and have no storage whatsoever. Being able to unpack toiletries as well as have an area to feel comfortable to prepare for the day in is not always guaranteed with a hotel stay. Corporate housing units all come equipped with full-sized bathrooms to make visitors feel more at home.

Storage Space for Your Hobbies

As a living, breathing person, being able to nurture and participate in the types of activities that matter to you, is good for your soul and overall outlook. Whether you’re an avid golfer, cyclist, painter, or all of the above, you should be able to have a temporary dwelling that can house the equipment necessary to carry out all of your various hobbies. Corporate housing units are much larger than a single hotel room, and come with add-on options like private garages, which are perfect for storing anything you may have additionally. Also, depending on how many people will be staying with you, corporate housing through Premier gives you the option to occupy a 1,2, or 3 bedroom unit, opening up the possibility for a spare room to do just about anything you wish with. Yoga room, reading nook, toy corner¾however you’d like to use it, the extra space is available to you.

If you find yourself committing to a hotel or corporate apartment for any extended amount of time, do so in the best way possible, surrounded by the things that mean the most. Do not let lack of space deter you from bringing along items that will contribute to an overall positive experience in the place you are temporarily calling ‘home’. Get a free quote regarding your corporate housing accommodation by contacting us today.