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Holiday Events in Beaumont

Along the Gulf Coast of Texas, it never gets too cold to enjoy the outdoors. From December to February when you’re staying at our Beaumont corporate housing, you can still hike through Beaumont’s Cattail Marsh and see a variety of species of waterfowl, one of the main attractions of southeast Texas.  

beaumont holiday events

But if you’re in the mood for some more conventional holiday cheer, Beaumont wassails through the winter season with a smorgasbord of traditional celebrations. If you’re looking for a beautiful Christmas service, consider attending St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica. Even if you’re not looking for a church service, this cathedral has elaborate stained glass windows that make it a worthwhile visit.

Theater Performances

The Jefferson Theater is a historic theater in downtown Beaumont. First opened in 1927, the Jefferson was restored and reopened in 2003. Occasionally the theater hosts classics movie screenings that are perfect for its vintage atmosphere.

If the holidays have put you in the mood for some classical music, put aside some time to visit the Julie Rogers Theater. This theater hosts the Symphony of Southeast Texas, the Beaumont Civic Opera, as well as two ballet companies. Their winter calendar includes several performances by the Beaumont Civic Ballet.

Holiday House Tours and Museums

Take a trip to the Edison Museum to learn more in-depth about The Wizard of Menlo Park. Here you’ll see models of Edison’s inventions and learn more about the science behind their mechanics. Most of the collection focuses on Edison’s work with electricity. This is an especially good stop for visitors with school-age children.

Throughout February you can visit the W.H. Stark Museum to see an exhibition of Art Deco and Art Noveau pieces. This is the ideal venue for the exhibition – the W.H. Stark House is an elaborate Victorian mansion, filled with antiques from the Victorian era and later 20th century.

The Art Museum of Southeast Texas (AMSET) specializes in contemporary pieces. Over the winter, AMSET will showcase the work of sculptor Celia Eberle, and abstract photography by Dornith Doherty. Join the museum for the Christmas tree lighting on December 4th, or the Gingerbread House workshop on December 6th.

Go to the John Jay French House Museum on December 7th for the Christmas Candlelight Tour. You can stroll through most of the rooms, complete with historically accurate furnishings. The interior of the home will be done up in traditional Christmas decorations, and guests will be provided light refreshments. You can also tour the picturesque landscaping that surrounds the house.

There’s lots to do when you’re staying in our Beaumont corporate apartments for the holidays. Let us know your favorite events for next year!