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How Corporate Housing Benefits The Company & The Executive

Cheaper rates are benefits of corporate housing

The basic principle for any business model is to achieve means in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. This trickles down to every facet of any company, including costs associated with travel. Companies who are paying for their employees to travel and/or relocate clearly wish to do so in a financially sound way. Corporate housing is more affordable in the long run and offers added benefits and accommodations to its residents.

Avoid Hotel Rates and Extra Fees

A hotel room with a single bed typically starts at $115.00 a night, much higher than what you can pay for corporate housing where you’ll have an entire apartment or unit to yourself. Not to mention, hotels are required to pay a hotel tax, separate from their average rate that increases with the duration of an individual’s stay. The additional tax can be as much as a couple hundred extra dollars a month. Corporate housing units are not required to pay this tax.  If you have an idea of the duration of a project, corporate housing also offers a fixed rate, while hotel costs are liable to fluctuate. If staying in a large city, parking is also always an issue. Hotels often charge a daily parking fee, while corporate housing offers inclusive, designated parking. Some units even come with the added benefit of an enclosed garage.

Employees that Are Happier & Healthier

The accommodations and advantages are insurmountable when comparing corporate housing to hotels.  Living out of a suitcase, which is essentially what staying in a hotel is like, is not conducive to productivity and positive mental health. Traveling is difficult on the body and being away from the comforts of home can be draining. If companies wish to have their executives perform at their very best, taking the extra steps to ensure their housing is accessible is a necessity. Accommodations such as full kitchens, appliances, and inclusive utilities save on extraneous costs that executives would have to spend on things like eating out or laundry services.  Overall, people are much happier if given the opportunity to cook, clean, and feel settled into their space. Corporate housing also provides the added benefit of privacy, which is potentially compromised when staying in a hotel.

Corporate housing is the closest one can get to feeling cozy in their temporary living situation. The financial advantage alone makes corporate housing the smarter choice. Whether you as a company are looking for a place to house your executives or you are an executive seeking out a cost-effective living situation for yourself, corporate housing will inevitably always outshine a hotel. Pay less, utilize more, and be happier with your home away from home. Get a free quote for your corporate housing needs and find out why it’s the right alternative for your business.