A Look at Apple’s New Tech Ridge Campus

Apple does not build typical corporate campuses. Like most of their facilities, this new development is being designed to fit into its surroundings and maximize open space. Landscaping will cover nearly 80 acres of the property, and Apple is working with local nurseries to plant thousands of trees, choosing from more than 20 varieties native to the region.

One of the most exciting features of the new campus is the 50-acre nature preserve. This area will feature plants and animals native to central Texas. The best part is that this campus will be open to the public.

Apple is building the new campus, in part, to support production of its state-of-the-art Mac Pro, which is currently manufactured at the existing facility in Tech Ridge. The Mac Pro is the latest and most powerful computer in Apple’s product line.

Finally, renewable energy is of primary importance to Apple. The new Tech Ridge campus will be carbon-neutral and powered by 100% renewable energy sources, with much of its power being generated by solar panels that will be installed on site.

Thousands of Employees

Initially, 5,000 employees will work out of the new campus when it opens in three years, but Apple plans to increase this number to 15,000 over time. Bringing so many high-profile jobs to the city will have tremendous financial benefits for Austin. Apple’s corporate employees receive an average annual salary greater than $100,000. The influx of highly paid workers will likely drive up housing values near Tech Ridge—a boon to the city because of the increased property tax revenue. Current residents should also see the value of their homes rise significantly. Finally, service industries such as restaurants may also experience greater demand and higher profits.

Of course, not everyone working at Apple’s new campus will move to Austin permanently. Many employees will visit for temporary assignments and long-term projects. Corporate housing rentals in Tech Ridge are a great option for business travelers who need to spend a lot of time in Austin without uprooting their families. These furnished short-term apartments give visitors a comfortable place to stay without the exorbitant prices or transient feeling of checking into a hotel for long periods. The corporate housing near Apple’s campus site is also close to many interesting restaurants and shopping centers.

Apple’s expansion begins an exciting new chapter in the history of both the company and Austin. The campus will attract a skilled, tech-savvy workforce that will fit right into the city’s unique culture. We look forward to helping Apple employees and other visitors find excellent corporate housing options in Tech Ridge in the years ahead.

Image Source: Apple.com