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5 Ways to Make Your Rental Space Feel More Like Home

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When settling into a short-term rental, you may find yourself wondering how to make your rental space feel like home. It’s natural that it takes time to feel settled into a new, unfamiliar space, and it can be all the more difficult when you’re not surrounded by the familiar comforts of home that you’ve left behind. Now for the good news: There are plenty of simple tricks to making your temporary space feel more personal and comfortable one step at a time.

1. Choose a Rental that Suits Your Style

You have options when you work with Premier Corporate Housing. When searching for your corporate apartment rental, we’ll factor in more than just the location. Let us know your preferences for layout, furniture, and entertainment, as well as any special accommodations you’ll need to live comfortably. We’ll do our best to find a selection of units that suit your ideal living situation.

2. Infuse the Space with Your Taste

Decorating an apartment on a budget is easier than you might think! Because it wouldn’t be practical to paint a short-term rental, removable wallpaper makes a great, affordable option for adding a pop of color and personal style to your space. It doesn’t damage walls, and unlike paint, it’s easy to take off when it’s time to turn in the keys.

Consider bringing a few small, meaningful mementos or pieces of art to your rental. The presence of familiar items you love in your space is a sure-fire way to up the comfort level. No matter your budget, you have options for decorating an apartment on a short-term basis.

3. Make Memories by Having Guests

Just because it’s a short-term rental doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself while you’re there. Making happy memories in a new space tends to make that space feel an awful lot like home—that’s what house-warming parties are for! New cities and towns become more and more familiar the longer you’re there, as you meet people, familiarize yourself with restaurants, shops, and streets, and learn your way around. When you make some new connections, consider welcoming them into your rental for a dinner party or a game night. There’s also the option to add a sleeper-sofa for out-of-town guests so you can bring people from home to you.

4. Cook Your Favorite Comfort Meals

Speaking of dinner parties, cooking your favorite comfort food is yet another way to warm a space right up. Premier Corporate Housing offers a variety of kitchen essentials to help you bring out your inner chef and whip up a dish that feels like home. Sharing optional.

5. Equip Yourself for Self-Care

Home is where we care for ourselves. Whether your idea of self-care more closely resembles putting on a moisturizing face mask and settling into a nice, long bath or lounging on the couch with a bowl of popcorn watching the latest nail-biting action blockbuster, allowing yourself time and space to relax will undoubtedly make you feel settled. The more you care for yourself in an unfamiliar place, the more familiar it becomes.

Find Your Short-Term Rental Now

Whatever your home away from home looks like, Premier Corporate Housing can make it a reality. We’ll help you figure out just how to make your rental space feel like home. For an immediate, free quote, contact us today!