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5 Things to Do at Home Before Traveling

Planning for an extended stay out of town requires preparation and organization beforehand. However, if you prepare ahead of time, you can rest assured that all the necessary things are in place before you leave home. You’ll feel confident heading to the airport on the day of your trip when you go through this checklist of the five things to do at home before traveling.

1. Unplug Electronics

While it might seem like an obvious chore to complete before leaving, turning off electronics can save you extra cash—don’t pay for electricity you aren’t using. Unplug all lights, lamps, televisions, stereos, and computers, and think of other items that are usually left plugged in, like your coffee maker, microwave, alarm clock, or chargers. Unplugging everything in your house before you leave will minimize your electricity bill, and you’ll also avoid any electrical damage that could happen during a storm. 

2. Turn off Water and Appliances 

A pipe bursting while you’re away could leave you with a costly repair bill and significant damages. If you’re leaving for a lengthy amount of time, it’s smart to turn off the water supply, then drain your pipes by opening the faucets and flush your toilets to prevent any remaining water from freezing. You should also shut off the water to washing machines and dishwashers to avoid frozen hoses or leaks while you’re away. If you use a sprinkler system to irrigate your yard, be sure to turn the sprinkler off or reduce irrigation frequency to avoid using extra water.

3. Clear out the Refrigerator 

Avoid coming home to moldy food and a pungent smell by cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry. Throw away any open packages or any perishable foods that could spoil or attract bugs, like fresh fruit, dairy, poultry, or half-eaten chip bags. Wipe down the inside of your refrigerator to clean any spills or sticky residue that could lead to smells or mold down the road. Leaving your refrigerator unplugged with the doors open, to enable it to defrost, is a good option if you’ll be gone for an extended period. Don’t forget to take your kitchen trash to the curb and bring in the garbage cans before leaving. 

4. Adjust the Thermostat 

Save money on your electric bill by turning off the thermostat or adjusting it to a reasonable temperature. If you’ll be gone during the winter months, set the thermostat to around 55 or 60 degrees to keep your pipes from freezing. If your travel plans are over the summer or you live in a warmer climate, leave your air conditioner on a slightly cool temperature to avoid mold, mildew, or other issues related to humidity. Turn off all the ceiling fans in your home to avoid paying extra on the electric bill.

5. Protect Your Home 

It’s important that your house doesn’t appear unoccupied while you’re out of town to protect your home from possible theft. Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail weekly, or consider forwarding it to your new address depending on the length of your stay—remember your newspapers or other regular deliveries too. If you have a home phone, consider turning down the ringer volume or forwarding calls to your cell phone. Store all valuables in a safe and secure place and make sure all deadbolts and locks are functioning properly. Don’t forget to lock up all the windows and doors on your way out of the house.  Creating a to do list of all the chores and preparatory tasks you have to complete before your trip makes the process go smoothly and quickly. You’ll enjoy a stress-free trip when you know everything at your home is situated and secured. Corporate Furniture Leasing wishes you safe travels!